Transitional Living is currently happening in two locations, the second story at The Mission and in this old facility.  We are hoping for grant funding to renovate this property and turn it into our first supportive housing community.  See our New Vision involving this property.  
The old Dorsey Manor property is located at 3 E Cottage Avenue in Flagstaff.  It is considered a historic building and began as a horse stable possibly back in the last 1800's.  Over time it was converted into a hotel.  It was eventually given to Sunshine Rescue Mission, Inc. at a time when there was no emergency shelter available in Flagstaff for women and children.  It became the first Hope Cottage.  Yes, women and children were once housed here before the New Hope Cottage was built 11 years ago. Some of our current staff at Hope Cottage still remember what it was like to rescue women and children off the street and bring them here for recovery.  They had a garden down the center and ladies still share fond memories of those years.

 When the New Hope Cottage was built, this property became a transitional housing facility for men who had a job, veterans or individuals with disabilities.  SRM had moved all of the residents out in the fall of 2019.  When COVID-19 hit in March of 2020 SRM worked to get it livable again in order to move vulnerable men out of The Mission, where social distancing was not possible.  Today this old building is in terrible shape and in serious need of renovation.  In July of 2020 SRM wrote for a major grant.  If awarded these funds will provide most of what is needed to gut this old building and renovate it into individual dwellings.  See our New Vision for more details.   
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