My name is Andrew and I serve as a New Life Foundations Coordinator/Homeless Ministries

In August of 2018 I got here at The Mission.  I went through the New Life Foundations Program. While going through the program God influenced me. God changed my heart to serve people and God.

Now I work closely with our disciples in our New Life Foundations Program by counseling and praying with them.  I help them piece their lives back together through Christ.  I also work with our homeless population by connecting them with local resources that help them find work and housing. I help with clothing, food boxes and medication.  Sometimes people need assistance from the Guidance Center.  I have a prayer team that prays with and encourages our homeless guests to change their lives by joining our New Life Foundations Program.  

I do all of this because I feel God has called me to do these things.  Being obedient to God is what I live for.