My name is Carlos Nixon and I serve as an Evening Coordinator and Volunteer/Community Outreach.  

I serve here at The Mission in two different capacities. I am an evening Coordinator which means that I check people in as they come through for the night.  I help people know what to expect and how to find resources that could help them.

I also really enjoy working with volunteers, like NAU students and various other groups that might want to come into our facilities and take a tour.  I enjoy showing people what we do.  Lives are being changed here.  It is pretty incredible.  A lot of the homeless people we see here at The Mission are veterans.  My dad served in WWII and my brother served in Vietnam.  They have so little.  God has me here helping other men like me.  Some men call me their mentor.  I don’t consider myself a mentor here but I try to give good guidance.

I've recently been asked to take on the role of Community Outreach.  I am looking forward to planning events and talking with anyone interested in learning more about the amazing work that is happening here.