Veterans find safety during covid-19

We are blessed by their presence…

When COVID-19 hit our biggest concern was for the elders living at The Mission where  we have only dormitory-style accommodations.  They are our most vulnerable.  With your outpouring of generosity we were able to get our old deteriorating facility, Dorsey Manor at least functional again.  This provided very humble private accommodations for six gentlemen that God entrusts to our care.  I found myself teary-eyed and grateful as I sat in the courtyard at Dorsey Manor last week talking to Hubert and Roger, both US Air Force Veterans. I am blown away as I listen to their stories and hear about their time in service, their faith in a forgiving God and their thoughts on all that is taking place around the world today.  How can these great men be living at a faith-based emergency shelter during a pandemic?  As I apologized for the disrepair of their rooms they both said they appreciated their own space.  They beamed with gratitude for these very meager accommodations and asked if they could be the first permanent resident’s when/if Dorsey Manor gets renovated.  
We are deeply grateful for the faithful donors who support this ministry every month and those that help us keep these men safe!

Help us pray we get the grant to renovate Dorsey Manor.  We should know sometime around the end of October or early November 2020.
Please help us pray for the grant award to renovate Dorsey Manor.  As you can see, this old facility is in desperate need of remodeling.  Please see our new vision concerning the need for supportive housing in a relational community.  If we are awarded the renovation grant, this property will be gutted, new individual "homes" will be created, each with their own small kitchen and bath.  We will rename this property and it will be our first small community for the formerly homeless! 
This Serenity Prayer is posted to an  interior wall at Dorsey Manor. People say it has been there as long as they can remember.  We have the Courage to believe we can change these living conditions.  Kathie - Exec. Dir.
Dorsey Manor
Badly in need of renovation