We are Currently hiring...

SRM is facing a critical staff shortage at The Rescue Mission located at 124 S San Francisco Street.  We are currently hiring (5) new Intake Coordinators and (1) Food/Kitchen Manager.  Intake Coordinators at The Rescue Mission work directly with individuals experiencing homelessness.  At SRM we walk alongside people who have experienced great hardship, trauma and extreme poverty.  Some are self-medicating with substance abuse.  Many have lost hope and have no one else to rely upon.  For this reason, these positions require called individuals who have compassion for the plight of people experiencing homelessness and a willingness to 'step in' under difficult circumstances to change lives. This type of work is not for everyone.  For the right individual it can be deeply rewarding.   We are a faith-based non-profit organization and have been since 1957.

The Rescue Mission Staff Coordinator 

The Rescue Mission Kitchen-Manager