Leadership Team

Kathie Knapp

Executive Director

Kathie became the Executive Director on March 1, 2020 after seven years serving on the Board of Directors and a multifaceted career in federal and non-profit administration as well as owning and operating a successful local business. "God has simply wrecked my heart for people coming off the street, they have experienced more human suffering than most of us can imagine. Emergency safe shelter and a warm meal is important when it solves an immediate need, but those things alone do not transform lives. We want to bring an end to homelessness, one person at a time. We invite individuals without hope into a Christ-centered community where they can recover, experience healing and re-discover their value and dignity as a person. Ending homeless is all about answering the call to "love one another".

Debbie Skiles

Administrative Director

Debbie arrived at Hope Cottage as a client September 13, 2001 after a life as a severe alcoholic.  After completing the New Life Foundations Program, she was hired as a Coordinator at the "Old" Hope Cottage.  At the same time, she completed her education at Coconino Community College and Northern Arizona University, with a degree in Accounting.  Upon graduation, she transferred to the Business Office and in July 2009 became Sunshine Rescue Mission's Administrative Director,  responsible for the finance and personnel functions of SRM Inc.  Debbie most enjoys helping the clients “because she was once homeless and knows how scary it is to come to a shelter and be vulnerable”. 

Jonathan Joseph

Rescue Mission Director 

In August of 2018 I ended up in Flagstaff scared, alone, and hopeless. God led me out of the wilderness where I first encountered Him and planted me at the Sunshine Rescue Mission. I came through the door as a homeless guest not trusting anyone and not knowing what was going to happen to me. Within ten days I heard the voice of God audibly for the first time. He told me to join the discipleship program and not to leave The Mission until he tells me what my next step is. He hasn’t yet led me into my next, so I’m still here faithfully serving Him. In my time at SRM I have had the honor of serving in virtually every capacity including as a coordinator, the kitchen manager, a leader and teacher in discipleship program, as a manger in the thrift store, at the front desk supporting our fundraising efforts, and as a truck driver going out into our community. Now I serve as the Director of Men's' Ministry.  Sunshine Rescue Mission is a place where I found healing and recovery and where God began to reveal to me His Kingdom purpose for my life. I’m excited to partner with Him in continuing and expanding this ministry in our community.

Sharon Rose Wilcox

Hope Cottage Director

Gary & I moved from Pasadena, CA to Flagstaff in 2004.  I love God, Gary, our sons and Mayra, our Grandsugar!  I am so grateful for the tremendous growth this ministry has stimulated in me.  God brought me to SRM’s Board in January 2013; I became the Director of Hope Cottage 2/12/14.  I was the oldest of 5, with 4 younger brothers, and I have 2 sons!  By God’s grace, I’ve been married (to the same man) for over 41 years!
Some of the reasons I LOVE my job:  
Allowing the feeling of being TOTALLY unqualified for this job causes me to press into Jesus more than ever before in my life!  Being at peace with others’ journey towards wholeness – even if it seems illogical or unnecessarily redundant.  Trusting that God is the one who brings the increase; the sower and waterier are merely serving Him in the process.  Watching scared, shrunken women and children come in and after a few hours, days, weeks, months, or even years, learn to stand up with their head up and eyes alight with health and purpose and value!  That is a PRICELESS experience!

Tucker Usher

Thrift for Goodness Sake Manager

Thomas (Tucker) graduated from The Mission's New Life Foundation Program in 2020.  Immediately upon graduation he was hired as a Manager at Thrift for Goodness Sake.  It was meant to be a part-time job.  With a good understanding of business operation and a real aptitude for determining the value of donated goods, Tucker quickly became the fulltime thrift store manager. Leading the work of volunteers comes naturally to Tucker as he values the gift people make to our cause of solving homelessness when they give of their their time and energy to the stores success. All proceeds from Thrift for Goodness Sake go toward providing free food, shelter, clothing and recovery support at Sunshine Rescue Mission and Hope Cottage.