Sanctuary House is an answered prayer for SRM.  This small campus is a healing home for men, similar to what Hope Cottage is for women and children.  It is also a Community Outreach center for classes, bible studies  and more.
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Sanctuary House - a healing home for men

A property for men to heal from the street was not in our strategic plan, but it was in Gods.   It took me working here everyday “where the rubber meets the road”, before realizing how difficult it was on the men's side of our ministry for full-life transformation and recovery.  It took getting to know amazing men, watching the tremendous growth in their life, and being heart-wrecked when the struggle of living over 5-6 months at The Mission was too much for them to stay.  Literally men in the long-term New Life Foundations Program face the same chaos, addiction and trauma over breakfast that they are trying to walk out of.  Unlike Hope Cottage, there is no peaceful place at The Mission.

SRM’s path toward the acquisition of Sanctuary House divinely inspired and orchestrated.  It is perfectly built to become a Healing Center and home for men.  It will be similar to what Hope Cottage is for women and children.   It will house the guys that are burning out and exhausted today, allowing them to continue on their path towards a better forever life.  For the first time, there will be a place for men, once on the street to call home.   This facility will also be a place to welcome the general city-wide community for life skill classes, job training, counseling, mentorship and so much more. Our current Rescue Mission facility will remain focused on crisis, feeding anyone hungry, and sheltering those experiencing homelessness.  Once men have had time to settle, rest, seek freedom from addiction and decide if they want to work towards recovery in a greater way, Sanctuary House will be their HOME for that next season.  

Is it scary? YES!  Pastor Adam from Urban Hope said, “If a vision doesn’t scare you, it’s probably not from God!”.  We have 8 years to raise $1.1 million.  We know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God is in this.  He will see it through.

In His Service,
Kathie Knapp, CEO Sunshine Rescue Mission, Inc.
First Worship Night at Sanctuary House.  It is an anointed place.

The first event at Sanctuary House was an SRM-wide baptism.  Bible studies are inspiring with every person in the room a walking miracle.  We all are really, aren't we?