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The Mission is both an open food kitchen for anyone hungry in the downtown Flagstaff area, AND an emergency-restoration shelter for men.  We serve great homemade meals everyday, clothing and other resources and support in a sober environment.  Learn more about our New Life Foundations program which provides longer-term faith-based recovery support for up to 1.5 years on-site.

The Rescue Mission

Safe Overnight Shelter & Great Homemade Food!

The Rescue Mission serves hot homemade meals three times a day to ANYONE & everyone hungry downtown.  Breakfast is at 6am, Lunch at 12pm and Dinner is at 6pm. Come early at 4pm for free clothes and snacks!

  • Safe Sober Shelter   -    (We encourage sobriety for overnight guests only so we can support those who are recovering in our midst. Come at 4pm to request a bed.  We've seen men arrive just one day sober who remain with us and are eventually free of addiction.  Give it one day!)
  • Three Hot Homemade Meals a Day
  • A Hot Box Where Bed Bugs are Removed From All Clothing & Backpacks
  • Mail and Telephone Service
  • Warm Showers with Hygiene Supplies (4pm Mon-Fri)
  • Free Clothing, Blankets, Coats and Sleeping Bags (4pm Mon-Fri)
  • Health Care Provided via our partners: North Country Healthcare
  • Counseling and Recovery Support for Substance Abuse, Debt Management, Life Skills
  • Veteran Support Services
  • Voluntary Evening Chapel or an Opportunity for Recovery After Dinner
  • Voluntary Long-Term Restoration:  New Life Foundations Program

The Rescue Mission has been compassionately serving all in Jesus's name since 1957!  Faith is not a requirement for services rendered.  

The Mission rescues over 119 Tons of food a year and prepares over 69,000 meals for residents at both The Mission & Hope Cottage.  Food is "rescued" from local grocery stores, items close to expiration.  Instead of this food landing in local dumpsters, we feed thousands.  We are deeply grateful for the food that sustains this ministry.  
New Life Foundations Graduating Class of 2020!

New Life Foundations 

A voluntary long-term, faith-based recovery and restoration program.  A time of resting in the arms of Christ and re-discovering your life's greater purpose.
The New Life Foundations Program is a twelve-month intensive, faith-based restoration program.  This is a voluntary program designed for those who want to experience the radical love of Jesus and a renewed hope for the future.  Participants are called Disciples and they take part in daily classes that include Conflict Resolution, Spiritual Warfare, Prayer Life, Discipleship, Healing & Restoration, Genesis Process and Jobs for Life.  Job Training Programs are also part of the program.  Each disciple will be given a Mentor that will be asked to SUPPORT the disciple physically, mentally and spiritually.  We believe that faith in action with the healthy mentorship of education and tools, re-engage an individual for life!  After 6-9 months in the program, disciples will begin searching for employment to become fully re-engaged with our community.  

Find the Rescue mission - Join us for dinner at 6pm 

Come early at 4pm to request a bed overnight and take a warm shower!  All are welcome.