Mission Statement

We provide a hand up and out of hunger and homelessness through Christ-inspired provision of meals, shelter, healing recovery and transitional housing.  

We are located in beautiful Flagstaff Arizona.

How it all started...

Sunshine Rescue Mission Inc., (SRM), was formed in 1957 as a 501-(C)3, a para-church and community service organization. It’s unique in that it is established to not only meet the physical needs of those who seek help, but to minister to their spiritual needs in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Local Churches, businessmen and individuals joined together to develop a soup kitchen in 1957 and then a small shelter in a renovated home on San Francisco St.  In 1962 after a brick by brick building campaign the Sunshine Rescue Mission opened its doors on 124 S. San Francisco Street.   The Mission served as a “mom and pop” rescue mission, housing men, women and children. (24 men and 12 women and children, plus 4-5 staff).  

In 1982, a generous donor gave SRM, Inc. the Riverside Court at 3 E. Cottage, and in 1995 that was transformed into a women and children’s shelter called, The Hope Cottage.  For 10 years Hope Cottage grew from a small shelter serving 8 single woman and 3 women with children to 16 single women, three family rooms and an overflow of up to eight women.                                        

In 2005, a gift of land from a generous couple was donated, a capital fundraising campaign was facilitated and a million dollar grant funded the construction of the 11,000 sq/ft  New Hope Cottage.  In April of 2010, the New Hope Cottage opened its doors, housing 65 women and children. After a wonderful outpouring of support from the Flagstaff community, the New Hope Cottage was honored by the Flagstaff City, “Citizens of the Year,” and named, “The Organization of the Year for 2010.”                                                              

In 2010, Dorsey Manor transitional was opened in the location of the old Hope Cottage and houses 20 men in a transitional living community. Dorsey is the only Transitional Living Facility for men in Northern Arizona.  Men stay for 12-18 months, in a drug and alcohol free environment while working and transitioning back into community living.                                                            

Since 2010, SRM, Inc. has developed into a ministry of RESCUE -RESTORE & RE-ENGAGE.  Expanding the RESTORATION component with mentoring and Christ-centered courses that provide tools to grow spiritually, overcome addictions, develop healthy life skills and heal from traumatic experiences and choices.  The RE-ENGAGEMENT component facilitates character development through a Jobs for Life course, The Genesis Process (Certified Relapse Prevention), Celebrate Recovery, community outreach and Job Training.    

In 2019 SRM, Inc. purchased a thrift store located in downtown Flagstaff, 2 S Beaver St and named it Thrift for Goodness Sake.  This is a non-profit thrift store solely dedicated to supporting the free shelter, food and clothing provided at The Mission and Hope Cottage.  More importantly this small local business is a huge step forward in our effort to help people RE-ENGAGE through job training and a way to re-connect to this amazing community we call Flagstaff!

The Mission

Hope Cottage

The New Hope Cottage

Where we are headed... a huge vision!

The solution to homelessness is based on Christ's simple call to "Love one another".  Coming face-to-face with the radical love of Jesus, a love that dares to permanently care is life transforming. Almost without exception, those experiencing chronic homelessness have experienced more human suffering than most of us can imagine.  They carry deep wounds and a profound, catastrophic loss of community.  When the bottom fell out, there was no one there to provide support out of crisis.  

After 65 years of meeting the needs of those experiencing homelessness and extreme poverty, we realize that the solution requires a human-to-human, heart-to-heart connection.
SRM Board Members Visit Community First Village in Austin TX to Dream About How To End Homelessness in Flagstaff AZ