There are so many ways to volunteer with us!  These NAU students showed up one day at our thrift store and rocked the place.  When you show up to help at Hope Cottage, The Mission or the thrift store you are providing a hand up and out of homelessness.  We are so grateful!

Volunteer Leader & Community Outreach

No matter where you choose to volunteer, Hope Cottage, The Mission or the Thrift Store,
you are making a difference in the lives of people working their way out of homelessness!

For even the Son of Man came not to be served, but to serve.
Mark 10:45

Carlos Nixon - Community Outreach

Carlos has a heart to help Churches, clubs and individuals lean more about all that goes on at The Mission, Hope Cottage, Dorsey Manor and Thrift for Goodness Sake!  Call Carlos at 928-774-3512 if you would like more information about how to volunteer with us, or how to get involved in activities, bible studies, chapel services and more.  

volunteer Application

We love Volunteers!  We need and appreciate your help. Please complete the attached application and email it off to our team.  We will be in contact very soon!

Sunshine Rescue Mission provides a hand up and out of hunger and homelessness through Christ-inspired provision of meals, shelter, healing recovery and transitional housing. We share the love of Christ with anyone who comes to our doors!
We provide emergency and transitional shelter, showers, meals, clothing, Christ-centered ministry, education, case management, recovery support and job preparation skills.
We are very thankful that you have chosen to volunteer with us! We would like to make your experience as smooth as possible, so we ask that you fill out the following information. Make note that the hours specified below indicate when we have staff coverage:
  • Monday – Thursday 9am – 9pm, Friday – Sunday 4pm – 9pm, and special group events by appointment only.
  • Day’s Available _____________________________Time Available ___________________________
VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES:  Front desk: Phones, messages, receiving donations, writing receipts, and greeting residents, volunteers, & the public.
Donation room: sorting & folding clothes; Child Care (Monday – Thursday 6:45-8:15 pm) upon approval by Families Coordinator;
Kitchen: Cooking, serving, cleaning and organizing pantry; and household cleaning & organizing as needed.
Please read and initial the following, so that we know you have read, agree with, and can uphold our policies at The Hope Cottage and The Mission.
1.____SRM Inc. is a Christ-Centered Ministry to those who are homeless for any reason. Our Mission is to share the love 
             of Jesus with those who come to us in need, through The Word of God as well as in our actions.
2.____I will exemplify a positive attitude, use appropriate words, as well as dress in modest attire while serving in this
3.____I understand that those seeking shelter may have been through difficult situations and circumstances and that
             they might sometimes be reactive in words and actions.
4.____I will not hold Hope Cottage or The Mission responsible for personal injury, theft, damage, loss, or any other
             liability that might occur while volunteering my services at either of the above listed facilities.
5.____I consent to being examined by any emergency personnel due to personal injury while on-site.
6.____I understand that anything spoken by a resident is confidential and I must not repeat it. However, if I receive
             information which poses a threat to others or themselves, I must notify staff immediately.
7.____I understand that the SRM Inc. Ministry facilities are drug and alcohol-free. I will not use either of these
             substances before or during my volunteer hours.
8.____ I will sign in and out of the facility where I am volunteering so that SRM Inc. has a record of my visits.
9.____ By initialing this I acknowledge that I have never been charged with any crime involving children.
10.___ If I am working with children at Hope Cottage I will be required to provide an AZ fingerprint clearance card and        asked to obtain CPR / First Aid certification at the discretion of our Family Services Coordinator.
______ I will not be permitted into the kitchen to work if I am coughing, feverish, not feeling well, or have a 
              communicable disease.
______ I agree to wash my hands thoroughly as I enter the kitchen area.
______ I will wear gloves when handling food, ice scoop, etc. and put on fresh gloves as needed for a new task.
______ I agree to tie my hair back or wear a hair net.
______ I will not take anything from the kitchen unless it has been approved by the kitchen manager or an on-duty 
               staff member. This includes food, snacks, soda, utensils, etc.
______ All children must be supervised in the kitchen area by the parent or a responsible adult.
______ I agree to honor and follow the kitchen manager’s instructions, and to ask about and follow proper safety, 
              health, and cleaning protocols.
______ I agree to notify staff and fill out an incident report if I am injured or witness an accident. I agree that Hope 
              Cottage is not liable for any accident or injury that I may incur while volunteering in the kitchen or performing 
               any other duties associated with volunteering.
By signing this you agree with all of the statements made on this SRM Inc. Volunteer Application.  Once complete, please email back as indicated on the top of this form.  
Signature______________________________________________                         Date__________________
Volunteer Coordinator Signature: __________________________             Date: _________________