Rescue       Restore      Reengage

Mission Statement

SRM provides a path out of homelessness by addressing its root causes, such as trauma, addiction and extreme poverty in a gospel-powered, life transforming environment. In this relational-community approach, people who were once hopeless and destitute find support, healing, dignity and restoration through the love of Jesus Christ. 

Hope Cottage

Hope Cottage is an emergency recovery shelter for women and children. It is the only one of its kind in northern Arizona, where up to 65 women and their children find a safe place to rest, good food, free clothing and recovery support.  Hope Cottage is a safe and sober "home" for those seeking help.   

The Mission

The Rescue Mission is an emergency recovery shelter for men.  It is also a full food kitchen for ALL who are hungry downtown. The Mission provides safe shelter for up to 80 men per night in a sober supportive environment. 

Sanctuary house

Sanctuary House is a healing home for men.  The emphasis is on Spiritual Life Formation, Healing and Destiny.  This property is also a Community Outreach Center for bible studies, life skill and training classes and activities common to all of SRM.  This photo is from Worship Night. 

Thrift for Goodness Sake!

A non-profit thrift store devoted to supporting those who find themselves destitute, traumatized and homeless.  

Lives changed...

People are welcomed here from all over the country.  Some have amazing stories of how they got here and why.  Since 1957 we have been feeding nutritious warm meals and providing safe emergency shelter and clothing to anyone in need.   Over the last ten years our greatest growth has been in healing and recovery.  In a sober, faith-based community of love and support people re-discover dignity, find hope and learn that God doesn't make mistakes.  

Love is a safe place of shelter, for it never stops believing the best for others.  Love never takes failure as defeat, for it never gives up.  1 Cor 13: 7  TPT

2021-2022 Fiscal Year Annual  Report

Solving homelessness takes a human-to-human, heart-to-heart connection.
At SRM this starts with just showing up where there is
basic human need.  All emergency services are free of charge.

In 2022 we rescued over 73 Tons of food, (close to expiration), from grocery stores and restaurants.  With that food we prepared 69,512 meals and provided a warm bed 39,538 times. We gave away over 5,758 pieces of clothing and provided 6,261 showers to people not residing with us. Voluntary Chapel services were attended 35,056 times and 1,126 people attended addiction recovery classes. We are so grateful for the 757 outside speakers who came in to teach and the 1500+ volunteers who came to help.  Our staff met with people in crisis, providing advised personal care 1,117 + times.

Along the way, 139 people dared to believe that they were created by a loving God, that they were not a mistake despite a painful past.  They discovered that God had a bigger plan for their life beyond what they could accomplish without Him. 
They choose Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior

•   We are a transformational ministry.  We have no desire to prop people up in destructive patterns.  We provide a hand up and out.
•   To support people moving forward we offer, in addition to all emergency services, both a faith-based path forward and a case management path forward.  People may choose either path forward, or no path forward.
•   Our shelters have only ONE barrier to overnight stay, sobriety.  We do not expect people to have mastered their addiction when they come, just start with one day, your first.  We do protect a healing environment for those recovering.
•   All hungry people are fed a homemade meal regardless of sobriety at The Mission.