March 2020

My name is Donna, and my five children and I have lived at Hope Cottage since April 8, 2019.  When we got to Hope, I was scared, alone, angry, confused, and I had no idea how I was going to care for my four children (I was pregnant at the time also and due in November) in one room plus deal with being pregnant and being separated from my husband (my children’s dad).

I decided to join the mom’s disciple program in order to focus on improving my relationship with God, my children, myself and to have a safe place to rest while sorting things out with my husband.  At that point I didn’t see much hope for my marriage, and I was strongly considering divorce as my only option.  God has worked in tremendous, unexpected, miraculous ways in my life, my children’s lives and in my marriage during our time at Hope Cottage.  My children have grown in ways that I can’t begin to describe from the love and care they received from staff, volunteers, and residents.  They look forward to classes and have made deep friendships with their teachers and other children here.  I love seeing them come alive in ways outside their comfort zones.

I worked through my Celebrate Recovery 12 steps, in which I discovered areas I need to improve, and worked through many tough things to be the free woman I am now.  The friendships I made will last the rest of my life and have seen me through multiple dark times and numerous good things as well. The classes have helped me be a better mom, encouraged me in my faith, convicted me to make changes, and deepened friendships with the other moms.  I have re-discovered my love for reading and learning by working through my programs reading list and Bible studies.
God has changed my heart towards my husband and his heart towards me and we are working out our issues together and will be reuniting our family.  We have a lot to work do still, but we are on the right path again.
Many things are difficult about spending almost a year sharing one room with my children and living in a shelter with this many other families and women, however, God’s hand has been on us and He continues to bless everyone involved at Hope Cottage.

I am eternally grateful for our time here and I cannot wait to see was God has ahead for us.  my personal and marriage testimonies can help others find hope and courage to fight the good fight.

Thank you!!!