Hi, My Name is Tammy Best,

I am a Coordinator here at Hope Cottage. I serve the women and children that come through our doors with many different needs. By definition this is a job and how I earn a living, but that is where it ends. Staff and the ladies experience life together, like a family we laugh, we cry, we have differences and we grow together. I spend as much time at Hope as I do at my own home, so that makes these ladies my family as well. I love teaching life skills at Hope Cottage with the focus on healthy boundaries, communication, relationships, healthy vs. unhealthy. In my personal life I enjoy spending time with my family. Family is the greatest blessing in my life, though my life is blessed in so many more ways. I spend my down time creating all kinds of art, nurturing and growing my little garden, and singing praise and worship music.

God blessed me when he brought me to Hope Cottage!